heryk tomassini

Heryk Tomassini’s rhetorical emphasis goes further than his interests to the politics combined with things that appeal to the masses, also exposed the contradictions and ambiguities through his work, because of the dense socio-economic layers and arguments related to culture and migrant groups, among others. However, in Tomassini’s reality, there is little space for irony. He has learned to adapt to his economic context and he can curate, select and make in his installations from discarded materials. His poor upbringing in Cataño and Bayamón, provided him with that strong foundation. Since he was 8 the artist would gather materials, not as a hoarder but to make furniture out of necessity. Tomassini also spent 4 years of studying architecture in The New School of Architecture at Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, which could explain his care for precision and clean lines even though he uses discarded materials for his installations. Tomassini born in Puerto Rico (1974) and is currently doing an MFA at Upenn.