heryk tomassini

My ideas are manifestations about the personal dimensions, tensions, opportunities and significance of the working class urban life afforded by the “colloquial flou”. They are interwoven in the back and forth that never stops of the hood gathering, dispersed through the horizon with the beat of a “rocking guaracha” backed by the song of roosters, at dawn.

My process is a reflection about the complex multicultural layers imposed and adopted by the colonial experience. Coming from a setting that has not been able to dictate its own landscape (Puerto Rico) my aim is to explore, how colonial communities embody the imposition and adoption of socio economic attitudes, policies and practices.

I create a body of work that not only express my theoretical and aesthetic concerns. I carried this out through a re-interpretive use of symbols, iconography and/or objects that represent the socio-economic layers and arguments of my cultural history, one steeped in colonially structured resource extraction, alliances, and relational paradigms.